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Québec, May 7, 2007  The commission of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), made up of Ms. Claudette Journault, chair, and Mr. Donald Labrie, commissioner, is holding the first part of the public hearing on the Project to establish a technical landfill site at Danford Lake in the Municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood. The public hearing will begin at 7:00 p.m. on May 15.

The first part of the hearings will be held at the following locations:

Tuesday May 15 at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday May 16 at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday May 16 at 7:00 p.m.


Cafeteria of the Centre de ski Mont Sainte-Marie
160, chemin de la Montagne, Lac Sainte-Marie

Thursday May 17 at 7:00 p.m.
If needed : Friday May 18 in the morning

Basement of the Saint-Jean-Marie-Vianney cathedral, 160, rue Bruchési, Gatineau


A hearing in two parts

Obtaining information

The public hearing will take place in two parts. In the presence of the proponent and resource persons invited to answer participants’ questions, the first part will allow the public and the commission to obtain information about the project in order to learn more about it and examine all its aspects.

Voicing opinions

During the second part of the public hearing that will begin at 7 p.m. on June 12 at Héritage room, located at 4C, chemin d’Amour in Low, the commission will obtain the public’s opinion and suggestions. The commission will hear any person, group, organization or municipality wishing to express an opinion on the project, be it in the form of a brief or an oral presentation.

The commission has a maximum period of four months to complete its mandate. The BAPE report will be submitted to Ms. Line Beauchamp, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, by September 15, 2007 at the latest. Thereafter, the Minister will have 60 days to make the report public.

Where can project documentation be consulted?

You can consult the documents pertaining to the project at the BAPE office in Québec City, at the Central Library of Université du Québec à Montréal, as well as at the following locations:

  • Municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood , 10, chemin Jondee - Danford Lake , Alleyn-et-Cawood ;
  • Bowater Library , 855, boulevard de la Gappe, Gatineau ;
  • Municipal office of Kazabazua , 30, chemin Begley.
You can also obtain details about the project by consulting the BAPE website at the following address:

For more information, feel free to contact Ms. Renée Poliquin, commission secretariat coordinator, or Mr. Jean-Sébastien Fillion, communications advisor, by calling (418) 643-7447 or the following toll-free number: 1 800 463-4732. You can also get in touch with the commission by e-mail at the following address: .

The project  

The firm of LDC – Gestion et services environnementaux proposes to establish a technical landfill site (TLS) at Danford Lake in the Municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood on the territory of the RCM of Pontiac in the Outaouais region. The TLS would be situated on the edge of Route 301 about 8 km west of the village. The landfill area would be 38.5 ha in size. The capacity of the TLS would be on the order of 8 million metric tons of waste. Its useful life would depend on the actual quantity of waste received and could be of 30 years. The waste would come from the Outaouais region. The proponent plans notably to put in place systems to make the site impermeable and to collect and treat leach water. Biogases would be collected and valorized, and the run-off water would be intercepted. The cost of creating the TLS is evaluated at $63 million by the proponent.

What is the bape?

The BAPE is a public information and consultation organization that allows citizens to express their views on a given project and to take part in the decision-making process, which may or may not lead to the authorization of a project. The BAPE carries out the mandates entrusted to it by the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, notably the public information and consultation mandate lasting 45 days, the public hearing mandate which may last up to 4 months, and the mediation mandate lasting about 2 months.

In response to the requests for a public hearing submitted to the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks by citizens, groups, organizations or municipalities, the BAPE has been mandated to hold a public hearing on the Project to establish a technical landfill site at Danford Lake in the Municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood.

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Source : Jean-Sébastien Fillion, communications advisor
418 643-7447 ext. 538 or 1 800 463-4732

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