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Proposed hydroelectric development in Angliers
BAPE report is now public

Québec City, Septembre 11, 2003 – At the request of the Minister for the Environment, Mr. Thomas J. Mulcair, the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) today publicly-released its inquiry and public hearing report on the proposed hydroelectric development in Angliers by La Régionale Société d’hydroélectricité Régionale inc. The mandate for this inquiry and public hearing began on April 28, 2003 with Ms. Sylvie Girard as Chairperson of the Commission, assisted by Commissioner, Mr. Bertrand Bouchard.

By the end of the public hearing process, the Commission concluded that the proposed hydroelectric development in Angliers is justified, and acceptable from an environmental perspective. The Commission based their assessment on a combination of factors, namely: energy justification; the environmental impact of the development; its reception within the community; and especially, the local and regional economic benefits generated by the project.

According to the Commission, the energy yield from Angliers, while modest, may enable Hydro-Québec Production to meet a small portion of its additional needs in the coming years since the development is achievable on the short term.

The Commission noted that the current des Quinze reservoir management method would not be modified by the future Angliers station. However, they did conclude that the proposed development could enable Hydro-Québec Production to synchronise the operations of the Rapides-des-Quinze and Angliers stations in order to generate energy during peak hours. According to the Commission, using the Angliers station for this purpose should only be authorised following an environmental impact study of level fluctuations on the rivière des Outaouais (upstream from the Rapides-des-Quinze station), which could result from this type of management. Moreover, in the Commission’s opinion, the promoter and the Municipality of Angliers should consider relocating the water intake before start-up of the station.

Lastly, the Commission is aware of the considerable economic benefits for the government, the region and more specifically the Municipality of Angliers that will be generated by the station’s construction and operation. They noted that the proposed development has been well-received by the population and supported by local and regional authorities as well as regional economic organisations. The economic benefits are central to the acceptability of the development within the local community. However, the Commission feels that the dialogue between the natives communities and the promoter should continue in order to ensure the most harmonious integration possible of the development into the surrounding community.

Availability of the report

The inquiry and public hearing report on the proposed hydroelectric development in Angliers is now available for consultation, in French, at the BAPE consultation centres, the reading rooms set up in the affected community and the BAPE website: Requests may also be forwarded to the BAPE office, by e-mail: or phone: (418) 643-7447 or toll-free: 1 (800) 463-4732.

You may recall that during the first part of the public hearing, the Commission held two public sessions in Angliers. During the two public sessions of the second part, the Commission received fourteen briefs and four oral presentations from individuals, groups, organizations and local and regional authorities interested in the project.

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Source: Marie-Ève Chamberland,
Communications Advisor

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